The Matter of Layers. The upcoming exhibition by JEMS at the Architektur Galerie Berlin

In the face of contmporary economic and socio-political processes, environmental changes,
architectural practice is increasingly dependent on external conditions, standards, procedures. This
means that, at the same time, the classical understanding of architecture as the art of building, of
creating durable, simple, timeless and universal objects, is disappearing. A culture of dwelling that
indivisibly combines issues of utility, environment, knowledge of techniques, working with materials
and issues of form has been replaced by systemic solutions that are dependent on complex
specialised techniques, organisational procedures and externally supplied energy.

Warsaw based office JEMS Architekci presents 6 of its own projects in the exhibition, with an
emphasis on sustainability, openness and multidimensionality. In order to achieve these features,
JEMS often works with 'layers' which, depending on the design task, relates to different issues (construction of form, cultural, programmatic, material, perceptual, climatic). Their potential in the context of sustainable and integral in many dimensions architecture, is illustrated in the exhibition
through the following themes:

- Layers as physical (surfaces, walls, rooms) and ideal building material (atmosphere).
- Layers as an extension, of the multidimensional, open boundaries between inside and outside.
- Layers as the basis for the sequencing of different climatic zones of a building.

- Layers as a feature of a complex, yet integral, holistic vision of architecture.
- Layers of accessibility, relational, human dimension of architecture.

The exhibition will take place from November 3 to December 9, 2023 at Architektur Galerie Berlin, Karl
Marx Allee 96.
More information on the gallery website: