New season at Koszyki

The exhibition "JEMS Architects. The new season in Koszyki” tells the story of the reconstruction of Koszyki Market Hall.

The legendary building from the first years of the twentieth century Warsaw was reborn in 2016, preserving the historic ceramic details of the facade and steel structures. Old bricks, tiles and trusses remained, while the neon inscription glistened above the entrance. The exhibition comprised photographs, drawings, plans, sketches and models, and fragments of antique, painted ceramic cladding, and excerpts from press articles about the history of the fall and renovation of the hall. A story presented on the entresol begins in 1909 and continues until now. It is a living and dynamic place again, which has kept its unique atmosphere. The new Koszyki Market Hall echoed among the citizens of Warsaw, both those remembering the times of the market hall from the People's Republic of Poland, as well as the younger ones visiting bars, cafes and restaurants in the renovated building.

New season at Koszyki New season at Koszyki New season at Koszyki New season at Koszyki New season at Koszyki