House in Konstancin

The residence is situated on a large forest plot in the centre of an old health-resort, in the vicinity of a villa built in the 1930s to a design by Czesław Przybylski, combining classicist features with influences of F. L. Wright’s architecture. The building is a composition of rectangular stone solids integrated among old trees. Two of them, linked by a two-storey hall, accommodate the executive and residential components, while the third, set at right angle and slightly detached from the rest, is a fitness area with a swimming pool. Trees form a “second roof” over the residence building. They are present in the interiors owing to two-storey glazing and skylights. A twelve-metre wide window links the living room with the garden designed as an integral part of the house. The plan forms a strongly linear pattern, a composition of enfilade spaces. A roof garden, separated from the outside by an openwork wall, is the extension of the master bedroom situated on the first floor. Elevation planes of stone laid in narrow level strips emphasise the horizontal composition pattern and provide background to the trunks of nearly twenty-metre-tall pine and oak trees. Next to the main residential building, guest units are designed, linked by a common glazed gallery. Wooden louvers and shutters framing large glazed areas evoke the ambience of Konstancin’s spa architecture.


House in Konstancin House in Konstancin House in Konstancin House in Konstancin House in Konstancin House in Konstancin