Palm house

ClientMPRO Sp. z o.o.

The building was erected on the site of the existing Palm House built in 1920. The old Palm House contained the oldest palm trees in Warsaw and many specimens of tropical vegetation. The old Palm House had to be demolished both because of the growth of the palms and because of its poor state of repair.

The design assumptions were expected to provide for:
-Constraints resulting from the neighbouring residential development and the related plot of land, the Palm House plot and old trees growing in area, a remnant of historic landscaping.
-Demolition of the old building and erection of a new one, including putting the heating system into operation, within a few months of the start of construction work.
-The need to perform assembly work preserving the existing vegetation specimens inside and outside the facility.
-Climate control catering for the needs of tropical greenery,, but also taking into account the intended all-year-round use of the facility as a restaurant.

In addition to those technological constraints and requirements, the design provides for the following assumptions:
-Architecture corresponding with the architecture of the neighbouring development.
-Interior open to the existing old trees; limited insight from the surrounding buildings.
-“Double-layer” structure of glued laminated wood (the façades and the main load-carrying structure are integrated with each other), wooden pergolas, metal mesh of trellises and balustrades, and tropical greenery - natural separation of intimate restaurant interiors.
-Materials - wood, steel, concrete brick - a raw background emphasising the abundance of vegetation.

Palm house Palm house Palm house Palm house