Port Praski


Port Praski is an exceptional place in Europe. On the one hand, it is a highly picturesque area, situated in the immediate vicinity of the Vistula, in the old river port docks, surrounded by unique wetland vegetation. On the other hand, it is located at the centre of a European metropolis where major transport routes. In terms of size, the Praga transformation area equals the centre of Warsaw. The new district will have a highly diversified functional programme consisting of spectacular public utility facilities (National Stadium) and high-quality urban space of New Port Praski. Together, they form a much-needed centre of the Praga side of the city, a counterbalance to the left-bank downtown area of Śródmieście. It is a truly living city with mutually complementary uses – the business/commercial and residential components, the Docks and New Praga, as well as a Science (Media) Park. It is a symbiosis of nature with intensive downtown development. The design places focus on the creation of characteristic public spaces of an “Old Market”, riverside promenades and a square in the Docks.

Port Praski Port Praski Port Praski