Hoover Square

ClientZarząd Terenów Publicznych

Herbert Hoover Square (Plac Herberta Hoovers), not widely known under this name, is the historic centre of Warsaw – a green enclave situated at the widest section of Krakowskie Przedmieście, between the Mickiewicz Monument and the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Passau. The main objective of the design was to organize this neglected place and make it an attractive public square in a garden setting. In spatial terms, the key decision was to situate an elongated square, depressed below Krakowskie Przedmieście, between the historical monuments. This clear arrangement made it possible to establish a better relationship between the garden square and the street running at two levels around it. New facilities: a cafe pavilion, a kiosk, public conveniences, an underground restaurant and gallery, are embedded in the layout of the existing and newly designed stone walls. “Water steps” closing off the square to the south allow the Mickiewicz Monument to blend into the composition of the square. The roof of the pavilion, situated between walls, clad with copper mesh, merges with the cut hedge “brushes”. It is intended to appear as if it had always been there or as if it were not there at all. The 15-metre wide glazed wall of the pavilion, opening up fully in summer, will integrate the square with the interiors of the building.


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