Gorczewska Park

ClientJ.W.Construction holding S.A.

The estate was built on a plot situated along a railway line on the outskirts of Wola. In a project where focus was placed on the rational use of the budget, standardization of architectural components became extremely important. Waiving complicated detail and expensive materials, attention was given mainly to the creation of an attractive inner space  of the estate. The character and architectural expression of the estate have been achieved through modification and variation of a limited number of repeatable components. Narrow bays of the flats meander around regular interiors of halls and staircases, forming typologically unusual plan layouts. Free elevation compositions achieved with the use of several repeatable sizes of windows and loggias determine their planar/ribbon character instead of an organized layout, harmonizing with linear plans.

Gorczewska Park Gorczewska Park Gorczewska Park Gorczewska Park Gorczewska Park