Hardly any other JEMS project has caused so much public emotion as that small residential complex in the Stary Żoliborz area, designed almost fifteen years ago. The dispute was in fact over the issue whether contemporary built-up development was acceptable amidst architectural works of the 1920s and ‘30s, recognized as historic monuments, and over the nature of such development. Ultimately, the new enclave of residential terraced houses and urban villas with apartments was integrated into the Żoliborz landscape in a rather conservative and compromise manner. Only glazed projections accommodating living room annexes, grey-and-graphite ceramic coverings and an underground driveway under the plot, which enabled an attractive pedestrian street/square to be created inside the complex, stand out from earlier development. The friendly scale, integration with the environment and location made the project a great market success. In 2000, the estate won a prestigious award for the best residential of the decade in the Life in Architecture competition.

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