The monumental, socialist realist Anders Street, known as the “Brukalski Canyon”, ends with a perpendicular, elongated square at the intersection with Stawki Street. The residential building based on an isosceles plan will form one of the walls of the square. The acute vertex of the triangle closes off the axis of Stawki Street at a point where the building height limit of 16 floors is imposed by the plan. In the other part of the plot the limit is 8 floors.  In order to cover up “difficult” proportions of 1:2 imposed by the regulations, the mass of the building was divided into four-level “blocks”. Large-scale slits between them form specific tectonics of the elevation and open up a view from the internal courtyard. The composition, inspired by metropolitan buildings, such as BGK by Świerczyński or the expressionist structures of Hamburg, enable the designers to free themselves of the division of the facade into three zones, typical of similar structures: base, body and retracted roof floors.Irregularity and free layout of blocks forming the mass of the building and their shimmering textures based on rhythms of vertical windows and facade slabs of fibre concrete have made it possible to avoid excessively monumental architectural expression.

Area46 300 m2
ClientStawki 2A Sp. z o.o.
Trio Trio Trio Trio Trio