We share the belief that the reading of culture, tradition, context of place and human needs is a condition and basis for creating architecture.

JEMS Architects was founded in 1988. The team though, had been working together since the early 80’s. Starting up as an independent practice at a time of democratic change in Poland, JEMS joined the push for the restoration of a Polish architectural culture. The cooperation of the partners matured in an office/workshop formula, offering an inspiring space for an exchange of a variety of ideas and views. Architects, Olgierd Jagiełło, Paweł Majkusiak, Maciej Miłobędzki, Marek Moskal, Andrzej Sidorowicz, Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski, Marcin Sadowski and Wojciech Zych - Chairman of the Board and responsible for financial and legal matters, form  the core of the office, manage and coordinate the work of the architectural  teams in conjunction with various other specialized design offices. During the last 25 years, JEMS has grown from a small design office into a 60-strong team of architects. In 2008, JEMS moved into their own purpose built office, which is situated in Warsaw on Gagarina Street.

We are guided by a regard for reality both as the subject of our creative attention and also as the framework for our activities. We endeavor to read reality’s complexity through a filter of culture, history, tradition and the context of place. We seek inspiration in our reading of this multi layered impression of reality, as well as in the limitations and conflicts inherent in our times. We venture into areas which at times offer no opportunity to formulate a quick or , unequivocal and synthetic response to the design problem. We have never aspired to a ‘universal method – strategy”. We are guided by experience,  amassed over the years and by our intuition honed by time. We find the images, associations, feelings, and rules along the way. Along the way we make discoveries which surprise us. It is these discoveries which give meaning to our efforts. The JEMS office is a place for open discussion and debate. The ideas thus generated are the result of these talks and research where different views and opinions meet. In our work we try to find the things that are specific to the  individual projects. We try to  define the object of our work in such a way as to make it the basis for our architecture. JEMS avoid dazzling with form, we look for the essence of the object as for the object itself. We refer to the things that are timeless, order, tectonics, fascination with the natural properties of materials, light, the passing of time, proportions and the rules governing the building of forms. We are most satisfied with designs which, in the end, emerge as coherent, comprehensive images, ones that were first described and then discussed, in terms of the sequence of spaces structure, a quest for a unique and user-friendly atmosphere, the essence of the materials to be used, textures, light and moods - and only then is the project drawn up and built.