Stocznia Drewnica

The main idea of the Drewnica Shipyard project is to create a vibrant new district, which will be built at the junction of residential and office buildings under construction and production plants and Shipyard areas operating on Wyspa Ostrów and Synergy areas. The functional diversity in terms of shaping the programme concept is in line with the designated planning decisions enabling the area, together with the neighbouring areas, to be transformed from an industrial area into a residential and service development area linked to the centre of Gdańsk.

The urban development concept recreates and emphasises the historical layout of the Gdańsk Shipyard's process lines. The development plan takes into account all the existing shipyard streets in the area: Główna, Narzędziowców, Monterów, Przy Pirsie, Kooperantów, Elektryków, Rurarzy, Niterów, Stolarzy, Malarzy. The design also takes into account the course of Popiełuszki Street.

The concept provides for the preservation of the artefacts existing in the area, which testify to the industrial and shipbuilding character of this area: shipyard tracks and cranes, elements of shipbuilding infrastructure - polishers, cleats, supporting structures.

Greenery occurs in unobvious places, filling the spaces between the buildings. It is a reference to the "front gardens" established by shipyard workers on the premises of the plant. The greenery between the buildings is complemented by an industrial greenery park on the Equipment Pier and parks on barges moored at the waterfront.

At the Drewnica Shipyard, the height of 30 meters was assumed as impassable for the designed buildings. Individual buildings have been designed taking into account the urban composition, thus enabling the creation of a harmonious coexistence of historical and newly designed buildings.

Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica Stocznia Drewnica